What is hypedby?

The Mobile Media Network

Hypedby is your partner for successful digital storytelling. Our platform offers everything you need to make your campaign a success. We offer a Germany- wide unique access to its users. In addition we offer you help in creating your content as well as analytical and advisory services. Upon request/ if requested we would be happy to preprocess the social media habits and interests of your target group and current clients for you. We do everything to make your campaign as successful and targeted as possible. Your HYPE is our duty and our passion.










Who we are

Our team

We are social media addicts who live for great stories and creative content. The perfect mix of young social natives and experienced media professionals is what makes our team so great and highly valuable for our clients.

Sebastian Schmidt

Managing Director

Max Wunderlich

Chief Operating Officer

Max Engel

Head of Marketing & Sales

Manuel Lopez

Managing Partner

Neda Firouzi

Business Development Manager

Maximilian Murphy

Social Media Manager

Moritz Kutschera

Social Media Manager

Mario Sieger

Sales & Project Manager

Sebastian Grasmann

Project Manager

Hanna Kulla

Category Manager

Zeliah Kirak

Category Manager

Michelle Ciuces

Category Manager

Adrian Krämer

Category Manager

Khalifa Korodowou

Category Manager

Yahya Giritlioglu

Category Manager

Patricia Wildmoser

Category Manager

Sebastian Hörmann


Marcel Jogsch